The electrical system is essential to the functioning of your car or truck. If your car or truck won’t start, or if it starts but spontaneously stalls, the problem likely lies in the electrical system. At Bruce Lee Auto Services, we troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair all electrical problems.

The electrical system in your vehicle consists of three main parts: the battery, the starter, and the alternator. When you turn the key, the battery sends an electrical current to the starter. The starter then starts the engine moving. Then, while the vehicle is running, the alternator keeps the battery charged. If any of these three components fails, the cycle breaks and your car or truck won’t work.

To prevent your car from stalling, or failing to start, ask us about our electrical system check service. We’ll determine whether your battery and other parts are in good shape, or whether one or more of them is nearing the end of its life. We’ll also determine whether your alternator is generating the correct amount of current and voltage. If we find any problems, we will repair or replace the part, before a real problem arises.

Our expert mechanics can solve these and all other electrical problems. Call us today to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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