Your vehicle’s exhaust system consists of the muffler, the catalytic converter, and the exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe brings gasses from the engine to the catalytic converter and on through the muffler. The catalytic converter takes the damaging gasses from the engine and converts them into safer compounds. This reduces the amount of poisons and smog entering the air. Finally, the muffler minimizes the noises coming from the exhaust system.

Your car or truck’s exposure to bad weather and dirty and bumpy roads can cause damage to these three components, since the exhaust system is located on the underside of the vehicle. If your muffler, catalytic converter, or exhaust pipe are not functioning correctly, talk to us and we’ll assist in repairing or replacing the part.

If your vehicle is very loud, or is emitting strong fumes, it’s time to get an exhaust system checkup. Not only does Maryland law say that people need to minimize harmful substances from entering the air, but the health of you and others is also important to consider. There’s no sense in driving around a noisy, poisonous vehicle. We will help to make your car or truck functional and also safe for people and the environment.

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