Oil & Lube

Motor oil, lubrication, and an oil filter are essential to your vehicle’s performance. Motor oil minimizes friction and lubricates the components of the internal engine so they function smoothly. Lubrication greases the fittings as necessary and remedies any squeaks. As the motor oil circulates through the engine, it passes through the oil filter, which catches any particles that might otherwise damage the engine.

Driving your car or truck causes the motor oil to naturally become more and more contaminated as it circulates through the engine. Eventually, the oil will become so contaminated that it needs to be replaced. The oil filter also needs to be replaced regularly, for the same reason. That is why it’s important to get an oil change every three months or 3,000 miles.

At Bruce Lee Auto Services, we provide the following services when you bring in your vehicle for oil and lube service:

  • Removal and replacement of motor oil
  • Replacement of the oil filter
  • Lubrication of all fittings, as needed
  • Topping off the other vehicle fluids
  • A check on the air filter
  • A check on the engine
  • A check on the belts and hoses
  • A check on the tires
  • A check on the undercarriage
  • A check on the lights
  • A check on the windshield wipers

Keeping your car or truck’s engine well lubricated will keep it running for many years to come.


Your vehicle’s transmission moves power from its engine to its wheels. If you are experiencing any of these issues with your car or truck, ask us about transmission service:

  • Shifting between gears seems unusually abrupt or hard.
  • When you shift from Neutral to Drive or Reverse, the vehicle takes a while to respond, or does not respond.
  • When you press the accelerator, the vehicle does not shift as it’s supposed to.
  • When you press the accelerator, the engine gets louder, but the vehicle does not move faster.

When the transmission is not working properly, the problem could be as simple as a disconnected hose or a plugged filter, or it could be as complex as a full component failure. Bruce Lee Auto Services offers multi-point inspections and diagnostics in order to determine what the problem is.

Once the problem is identified, we provide repairs and rebuilds that will help your transmission run smoothly again.


Tires & Wheels

We offer tires and wheels services to ensure that your ride keeps rolling smoothly.

Alignment and Balancing

Your vehicle’s tires and wheels need to be properly aligned and balanced for optimal performance. When your tires and wheels become improperly aligned or balanced, your vehicle may start pulling to one side, even though the steering wheel is straight. Or, your vehicle may start vibrating more and more. If you notice that your tires are wearing unevenly, this is another sign that your vehicle needs alignment and balancing. If you are experiencing any of these problems, we will properly align and balance your tires and wheels.

Flat Repairs

Getting a flat tire is no fun, but it happens. Here at Bruce Lee Auto Services, we are available to repair the flat tire, if possible, or install a new one.


We properly mount tires onto wheels, and wheels onto vehicles.

New Tires

We offer a selection of new tires. We have tires suitable for all makes and models. Our skilled mechanics will properly install them for you.

Tire Rotation

Regular tire rotation improves performance and extends the life of your tires. Each of your vehicle’s four tires performs different tasks, and wears in different ways. Therefore, moving the tires to different wheels helps to balance out the wear. The recommended frequency for tire rotation is every 7,500 miles.



The electrical system is essential to the functioning of your car or truck. If your car or truck won’t start, or if it starts but spontaneously stalls, the problem likely lies in the electrical system. At Bruce Lee Auto Services, we troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair all electrical problems.

The electrical system in your vehicle consists of three main parts: the battery, the starter, and the alternator. When you turn the key, the battery sends an electrical current to the starter. The starter then starts the engine moving. Then, while the vehicle is running, the alternator keeps the battery charged. If any of these three components fails, the cycle breaks and your car or truck won’t work.

To prevent your car from stalling, or failing to start, ask us about our electrical system check service. We’ll determine whether your battery and other parts are in good shape, or whether one or more of them is nearing the end of its life. We’ll also determine whether your alternator is generating the correct amount of current and voltage. If we find any problems, we will repair or replace the part, before a real problem arises.

Our expert mechanics can solve these and all other electrical problems. Call us today to keep your vehicle running smoothly.



Getting your vehicle regular tune-ups helps ensure that everything is running properly, and prevents breakdowns on the road. It’s easier and cheaper to prevent an automobile problem than to fix one. At Bruce Lee Auto Services, we provide major and minor tune-ups on all makes and models, so you can feel confident that your car or truck will perform as expected, every day you need it to.

Ask us about the variety of tune-ups we provide. Here are some areas you might want us to take a look at:

  • Air conditioning and heating system
  • Battery and electrical system
  • Brakes
  • CV boots and joints
  • Engine
  • Muffler and exhaust system
  • Parts, including belts, spark plugs, hoses, springs, filters, and more
  • Shock absorbers, struts, and other suspension components
  • Steering system
  • Wheels and tires

We are happy to assist with these or any other areas of concern. We can also set up a tune-up schedule to make sure that your vehicle gets the care it needs on a regular basis. Ask us about a tune-up for your vehicle today.


We provide factory maintenance on all makes and models of domestic and foreign vehicles. We have the necessary information and parts from your automobile’s manufacturer to perform maintenance as recommended by the factory. Our certified mechanics have the technical knowledge and expertise to maintain your vehicle in top condition. Ask us about care for your specific make and model.

We also provide warranty service on all makes and models. If you have a part under warranty that needs repair or replacement, we’ll ensure that your warranty is properly recognized, and we’ll get the job done promptly.

If you need a Maryland state auto inspection, we can provide that service. Bruce Lee Auto Services is authorized by the state of Maryland to perform state inspections.




If you experience any of the following problems when driving your car or truck, you likely need brake service:

  • When you brake, the vehicle pulls to one side.
  • When you maintain pressure on the brake pedal, it sinks to the floor.
  • When you brake, you can hear or feel scraping or grinding.
  • When you brake, you can hear whistling or chirping.
  • The “Brake” light is showing on your instrument panel.

Brake problems should be taken seriously and attended to right away. You don’t want to lose the power of your brakes while you are on the road. In addition to providing repairs, we also offer a preventive brakes inspection to ensure that your vehicle is safe for driving. We recommend getting a yearly brakes checkup. This can be done at the time of your regular tune-up or vehicle maintenance.

We will repair or replace the parts in your vehicle’s brakes system to resolve or prevent problems. Common services include replacing worn brake pads, replacing heat-cracked or worn rotors, ensuring a better fit for loose-fitting brake pads, correcting the torque on lug nuts or caliper hardware, and more.



Your vehicle’s exhaust system consists of the muffler, the catalytic converter, and the exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe brings gasses from the engine to the catalytic converter and on through the muffler. The catalytic converter takes the damaging gasses from the engine and converts them into safer compounds. This reduces the amount of poisons and smog entering the air. Finally, the muffler minimizes the noises coming from the exhaust system.

Your car or truck’s exposure to bad weather and dirty and bumpy roads can cause damage to these three components, since the exhaust system is located on the underside of the vehicle. If your muffler, catalytic converter, or exhaust pipe are not functioning correctly, talk to us and we’ll assist in repairing or replacing the part.

If your vehicle is very loud, or is emitting strong fumes, it’s time to get an exhaust system checkup. Not only does Maryland law say that people need to minimize harmful substances from entering the air, but the health of you and others is also important to consider. There’s no sense in driving around a noisy, poisonous vehicle. We will help to make your car or truck functional and also safe for people and the environment.

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