Tires & Wheels


Tires & Wheels

We offer tires and wheels services to ensure that your ride keeps rolling smoothly.

Alignment and Balancing

Your vehicle’s tires and wheels need to be properly aligned and balanced for optimal performance. When your tires and wheels become improperly aligned or balanced, your vehicle may start pulling to one side, even though the steering wheel is straight. Or, your vehicle may start vibrating more and more. If you notice that your tires are wearing unevenly, this is another sign that your vehicle needs alignment and balancing. If you are experiencing any of these problems, we will properly align and balance your tires and wheels.

Flat Repairs

Getting a flat tire is no fun, but it happens. Here at Bruce Lee Auto Services, we are available to repair the flat tire, if possible, or install a new one.


We properly mount tires onto wheels, and wheels onto vehicles.

New Tires

We offer a selection of new tires. We have tires suitable for all makes and models. Our skilled mechanics will properly install them for you.

Tire Rotation

Regular tire rotation improves performance and extends the life of your tires. Each of your vehicle’s four tires performs different tasks, and wears in different ways. Therefore, moving the tires to different wheels helps to balance out the wear. The recommended frequency for tire rotation is every 7,500 miles.

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